100g Multi-purpose Lithim Grease 2 Pack


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114pcs Oil Pan Thread Repair Set

A comprehensive thread repair kit ideal for repairing sump, gearbox and differential drain plug threads.Used to tap the damaged thread slightly over size, then fit a new drain plug and washer supplied.Set is suitable for the most popular threads used..

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12pcs Oil Drain Plug Key Set

12pc Oil Drain Plug Key SetFor use with 3/8in.Dr RatchetHex keys : 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17mm, 3/8in.Square Keys : 8, 11, 13mm, 3/8in.With 3/8in.Dr Sliding T-Bar.Applicable to Oil Sumps on most modern vehicles...

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14pcs Master Oil Drain Plug Key Set

Suitable for use with 17mm wrenches or socketsApplications: BMW,Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Lancia, Mazda,Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault,Volvo, Volkswagen and etc.Contents:-Oil Drain Plug Hexagon key(32mmL) 8,9,10,12,14,17mm & 3/8"/Hex drive 17mm..

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2ltr Oil Can Blue

Oil Can - 2 litre / BlueProduct Details 2 litre Blue Oil Can Weight - 200 - 220g Size - 149 x 119 x 310mm Material - Pe..

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3pc Renault Cup Oil Filter Wrench Set

27/6MM 76/12MM 96/18MMBLOW MOULD CASE..

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3piece Toyota Oil Filter Set

Set includes: 64mm Oil Filter Wrench, 73mm Oil Filter Wrench and a 74mm Oil Filter Wrench. This set covers every gas engine Toyota model covered between 1983 and 2006...

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5 To 55 Gallon Plastic Lever Barrel Pump

General-purpose. Specifically designed for fast transfer of petroleum-based noncorrosive liquids from 5 to 55 gallon drums with 2" bung opening.Hand operated.Dispenses approximately 9 oz. per stroke.With polypropylene housing, Viton seal, self-adjust..

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500cc Oil Suction Gun

Removes and replaces any non-corrosive liquid. Perfect for transmissions, differentials, gear cases, lower units, crankcases, etc. No priming necessary. Knurled, thick wall barrel for secure grip. 12" flexible hose. 1pint capacity...

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6l Oil Can


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6pc Oil Filter Wrench Set

Specification: 65/67MM-14F; 74/76MM-15F; 76MM-14F; 76/80/93MM-15/30/36F; 93MM-15F; 3/8" to1/2" Adaptor Made of super-strong nylon fiber composite that will withstand more torque than conventional metal filter wrenches...

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7 Pc Lube Accessory Kit In Bmc

Product Description:7pc Grease Gun Adaptor Kit This kit contains adaptors and extensions to make almost any lubricating job easy. 1 Press-on 90 degree angle for inaccessible grease fittings. 2 Straight Extension - Use to lubricate grease fittings whe..

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