1/4 Dr Timing Belt Extension Tool


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10pc Timing Tool Set For Bmw M42/44/50/52/54/56

For engine codes:M40 M44 M50 M52 M54 M56(engine with double camshafts)Contains important tools for:dismantling and assembling camshaft.M40 timing belt change.Valve timing of camshafts.For models:3 5 7 X3 X5 Z3 Z4Type series:E30-31-32-34-36-38-42-46-5..

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10pc Timing Tool Set For Mini,peugeot&citroen

Suitablefor the following mini models:One,HBcOOPER,Cooper,Series R55-56 with motor code N12Crankshaft locking tool(OEM I 19590)Camshaft locking tool(OEM I 19540)Chain tensioner(OEM I 19340)Suitablefor the following mini models:PSA:Ciroen C4(08-19)c4 ..

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13 Piece Timing Tool Set For Bmw

This kit is used for Installation and removal of the camshaft/hydraulic chain tensioner, also checking and adjusting the camshaft timing.ApplicationsDiesel engines on BMW: M41, M51, M47TU - M47TU T2 M57Tu T2:3.01; year 1998-2008SpecificationsHighly p..

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19pcs Timing Locking Tool Kit

Product Code: CT2911 Product Description:19pc Timing Locking Tool Kit For Locking and Setting Timing when replacing timing belts Suitable for - Isuzu / Mazda / Honda / Ford / Opel / Landrover / Citroen / Peugeot / Vauxhall / VW..

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2-way Hydraulic Ball Joint Remover Tool

Specially designed to be operated manually or by 12 tonne hydraulic ramFeatures a step down tread adapter that allows fitting of the manual thrust screw or 12 tonne hydraulic ram suppliedFor splitting track-rod ends, anti-roll bar mounting and ball j..

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26 Piece Timing Tool Set For Opel Vauxhall Gm

amshaft and crankshaft, removal and assembly of fuel injection pumps and water pumps and changing the timing belt.Suitable for identical engines in Saab, Renault etc.ApplicationsDiesel: 1.3 CDTi 16V , 1.9 CDTi , 2.0 DTi , 2.2 DTi Agila, Astra, Combo-..

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26pc Timing Tool Set For Bmw N42/46/46t B18/20

For engine codes:N42 N46 B18-A B20-A-BContains important tools for:dismantling and assembling camshaft.Valve timing o camshafts.For models:1 3 5 X3 Z4Type series:E87-46-60-85-83-90-91..

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3-jaw Internal & External Puller Set

Size: Small of internal puller 15mm~30mmLarge of internal puller 30mm~80mmExternal puller 15mm~80mmLocking the nut to open 3-jaws and clip the bearing. And then use the slide hammer to pull out the bearing...

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3pcs Diesel Oxygen Sensor Socket Set

Injector Socket 28mm x 1/2" Drive 12point: for use with Scania Volvo Used to remove diesel oxygen sensors.Injector Socket 7/8" x 1/2" Drive 12 point: for use with Nissan, VW Used to remove diesel oxygen sensors. Long-Reach Vacuum Switch Socket 7/8" x..

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3pcs Engine Timing Tool Kit For Vag Neilsen

Suitable for VAG FSI and TFSI 1.4L and 1.6L engines Contains following tools:* camshaft locking tool,to be used as OEM T10171* setting gauge holder,to be used as T10170Fits for engine codes AXU, BAG, BKG, BLF, BLN, BLP to check and adjust camshaft ti..

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46 Pc Radio Removal Tool Set

Allows damage-free removing of car radiosSet Includes: 2 radio removal U-hook (Ford, VW, Audi, Grundig, Blaupunkti)1 special pentagon wrench (BMW)4 radio removal keys (VW, Audi, Becker, Mercedes-Benz)2 radio removal keys (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Beck..

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